June 11th, 2007 - By kbx81

so there really is a verse in a song somewhere to describe how you’re feeling, no matter what.

ok, so here is what’s up: i have WASTED this entire weekend troubleshooting fucked up drivers from ATI. as you may have read below, i got the new light board. it’s amazing…when i have it hooked up to my macbook. i have no desire to run XP all week on my macbook. i want to use my desktop at home to program this stuff. BUT i apparently either have the worst ATI video card EVER or ATI’s XP drivers are worth shit. i’m pretty sure it’s the latter. i have NO problems in vista. to put it nicely, i’m fucking pissed. there is no excuse for this poorly written garbage.

why am i fixated on using my desktop you ask? two reasons: one, because i have two monitors on there. and the program for the Hog NEEDS two displays. it’ll work with one but you NEED two. trust me. two, the apple-flavored ATI driver for bootcamp does not support an external display (yet). so basically i can’t connect a second monitor to my macbook and have it work…in windows, that is. let me tell you, sometimes i just can’t fucking win.

so this weekend has completely gone to waste. i’ve gotten a grand total of about an hour working with the Hog all weekend. the other 48+ have been wasted troubleshooting bullshit problems that simply should not exist. go figure. that’s they way shit goes for me. i get what i want and then the powers that be figure out every method possible for me to NOT get to play with it. i s’pose it’ll go the same way when i get a relationship going. lovely, just lovely i say.

for now, i’m going to leave it at this: fuck ATI, and fuck microsoft. at least apple can say that the bootcamp drivers are still “beta” – they can justify a feature not working. anyway…ya know what? fuck this too, i’ve had it, i’m out. long live apple.


2 Responses to “i swear i’ll fist-f*ck your brain, until i’m smiling again”

  1. keith settle down, it’s gonna be ok. safari is now on windows.

  2. yay, another drink of ice water for people in hell ^.^

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