June 12th, 2007 - By kbx81

so today’s main topic is…yes, you guessed it.

so i can say i cleared up the “problems” i was ranting about in my last post. i had to swap out a driver. details here. seriously, what the hell is that??? this is EXACTLY the type of thing that does NOT happen on a mac. sorry all you microsoft fanboys, but it doesn’t. and this is also EXACTLY the type of thing i absolutely HATE dealing with when i am not at work (that’s not to say i like dealing with it at work, either). it drives me completely insane because i know that things don’t have to be this way. ok i’m done. sorry for more ranting but it pisses me of. deeply.

that said, since it’s working pretty nicely now, i was able to do some programming last night. OH MY GOD. the hog is amazing. i cannot say i’ve ever worked with anything so beautiful in terms of how it works…ever. well, other than mac os, maybe. but it’s completely amazing. anyway i spent about an hour or two programming color and beam (gobo) pallets last night. the hog stores everything in “pallets” so you can mix and match pallets in cues and get stuff done waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy faster. it’s a completely amazing system. and it WORKS. i’m still in awe and i’m not even half done. anyway since it’s such a snap i should be able to have A LOT programmed for the NIOS dance party chris & dave invited me to LJ for on friday. should be a blast…and a GREAT way to break this thing in. hopefully i can then spend this weekend and early next week programming for the sally show at the empty bottle at 9pm on thursday the 21st of june…if it works out that i can still do that! (i hope it does…)

anyway, i should be getting back to work. i just wanted to update the world and let everybody know how awesome i am at fixing things (computers) and doing lights.

kthxbye. -kbx

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