June 23rd, 2007 - By kbx81

so the past week has been intense. i had been working intently on getting the light show thing together for sally and lmnop on thrusday night and because of that, i’ve not been thinking much about the blog. in any event, time to catch up.

this week at work was busy. an instructor (very) unexpectedly did not show up to teach a class on monday morning, so i got thrown into that. fortunately, it was a class i’m able to teach (per M$) and it was only three days. so that worked out – for the most part. of course, it meant i didn’t get to doing other things at work that i need to work on. oh well.

so i had taken thursday and friday off. although, i didn’t really get friday off, technically. but i did leave a couple hours early on wednesday, which was good i guess. i got to finish up lighting stuff wednesday afternoon, then the show was thursday (i got to sleep in, yay), and friday i had to set up the chicago office for this coming week because it’s real busy. the plan for friday was as follows: get to work around 1 – 1:30. load computers into car and go downtown, ideally arriving by 2:45. Set up classrooms, be done by about 7 at the latest.

instead, here’s how it played out: get to work by 1:30. realize that two the seven computers i had been PLANNING on taking downtown had been snagged because of last minute additions to classes that i had apparently been told about but took absolutely NO action whatsoever to accommodate (and i’m going to guess that (as usual) this was in fact somehow my own fault). this meant i had to wait until 3:00+ until other classes finished before i could get together enough computers so i could leave to go set up the other office. of course, by the time i got my car loaded it was after 3:30, which meant (with rush hour) i didn’t get to the city until after 5. after dragging the computers in (side-note: i HATE moving computers – especially desktops WITH monitors, keyboards, mice, and a shitload of cords) it was almost 6. then had to image them–TWICE–for each of the two classes that were running. then i had to drag them all from the 6th floor up to the 18th floor on the opposite corner of the building with an elevator that would take me up but not take me back down. that was oh-so-glorious. by the time it was all done it was 10:04. which meant i did not get home until 10:45ish. lovely. just lovely. oh yeah, and on friday, i get to tear it all down. that should be extreme fun all over again!

so aside from a little frustration with work towards the end of the week, this past week has been really great. working on the lighting stuff lets me clear my head of work stuff and be creative. that’s fun – i need that. the show on thursday went really well. i thought sally was quite enjoyable and finished up especially strong. my light show went PERFECTLY for them, which made me even happier. the attendance wasn’t all that great, but wasn’t bad either. i wish more people would come to their shows – they’re a really great band that makes awesome music. it’s definitely worth seeing.

less than a week ’til the iPhones drop. FUCK YEAH.

in other news, i’m tired of windoze screwing things up for everybody. buy a mac – that shit just does not happen. i’m not going to go into another rant at this point, so i’m just going to say, “i’m done” and go. -kbx

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  1. If they did more all age or 18+ shows more people would go.I know a good amount of kids that really love them but aren’t able to attend their shows,myself included.

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