June 27th, 2007 - By kbx81

i would like to formally announce (and some of you may already know) that i will be getting an iPhone on friday evening. the plan is to meet with robot at the apple store in oak brook some time between about 11:30 and 1. (i have taken the afternoon off work for this.) if a line is not forming at that point we may wander around the mall for a bit. please feel free to meet up with us at any time if you wish. we intend to wait as long as necessary that afternoon until we acquire the devices. yes, we are both getting one. i happen to have three hundred dollars worth of gift cards which will conveniently cover half of the cost of an eight gigabyte iPhone. while i don’t think we’ve settled on this part just yet, we are seriously considering bringing our macbooks and sitting outside the store to activate them immediately after we get them (they have wi-fi at the store). i think this would be really great. afterwards, it sounds like we will be meeting up with joey and possibly others to hang out and do whatever (and most likely playing with the iPhones). if you would like to join, please call me that evening. i would love to (at that point) get a few calls. *wink*

john just called. he wants to go to denny’s. if you read this and can get there by just after eleven tonight, you should meet us there.

in other news, i am completely confident that i have the coolest small-scale intelligent lighting setup EVER. also, i think this is cool.

please note that when i do not use proper capitalization, punctuation, or grammar, it is because i am choosing to, not because i am an idiot. i am intimately familiar with those aspects of the english language and choose not to use them for effect – and i do so intentionally. just thought i’d make sure you were aware. thank you very much.

this week has been great so far. robot and i went to omega on monday night, and last night we went to thai village. after that we met up with mark a the coffee place down the block (the name always evades me – it’s something with an “L”), where we talked about various music and tech stuff, including (of course, you guessed it) the iPhone. it was a great night to sit outside and chill – which is exactly what we did. i could use more nights like that.

the rest of this week should be a breeze. the weekend will be here slitting my throat and i won’t even realize it. things go too quickly.

i hope i see you soon. -kbx

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