June 30th, 2007 - By kbx81

so, i have one. it does exactly what i expected. i feel like writing a brief review here, so i will.

first of all, let me say it’s the most delightful communication device you could think of holding in the palm your hand. it’s thinner than a razr, wayyyyyyyyyy smaller than a sidekick, and not bulky like a sidekick or blackberry. in a nutshell: i like it. it feels solid. second, getting it working is a snap. they made activation easier than you could imagine – you just connect it (usb), fill out a tiny form in iTunes, and you’re good to go. the salesman at [insert name of cellular outlet store here] was harder to work with than this thing is.

software-wise, it’s slick. it is by far the most responsive, most beautiful operating system they could have put on a phone/iPod/broswer-thingy. every screen and menu transition is somehow animated. the display is VERY bright. you can see it clearly even in direct sunlight. typing on it is easier than most people are saying, imo.

articles like this piss me off. as i expected, bluetooth is the first thing bitched about. let’s talk about that for a minute. first of all, did you buy this thing because it has bluetooth and because you thought you’d be able to–let me guess–wirelessly sync your iTunes library via bluetooth? maybe you should do some research and learn a little about the technology before you buy something with the misconception that it’ll do something you made up in your head. apple never said it would do this and, if you read the wikipedia article i linked about bluetooth, you’d quickly realize that YOU DON’T WANT IT TO. as far as i’m concerned, bluetooth is useless EXCEPT for wireless headsets, printers, keyboards, and mice. and PLEASE tell me you didn’t want to use a keyboard, mouse, or printer with your iPhone (you nut)… and if you STILL don’t get it (because you’re not technically inclined – which is ok – but then you shouldn’t be posting hate on forums) i’ll sum it up for you right here: IT’S TOO SLOW. compare the data rates (aka “speeds”) of bluetooth and usb and you’ll see why they didn’t implement this. enough said. (sorry to rant – i’m really tired of reading about this.)

second: if you wanted something that would let you organize all your files and other media, you should probably have considered a laptop. in the same manner that i would not buy an iPod to organize my music, you should not get an iPhone hoping to organize all your media. it’s a PLAYER, not an organizer (think PDA). i could be sorely mistaken here, but they never intended this thing as anything more than a viewer for media. it’s not a pocket organizer. period.

third: if you wanted a high-quality, feature-rich camera, go buy a nice digital camera for $500+. you get what you pay for. again, if you bought this BECAUSE of the camera…you’re just silly.

fourth: you want to remove the SIM card? why?? who cares? how often do you really do this? is it nice to be able to do? maybe… truly necessary for my day-to-day use of the phone? again, i think not.

fifth: the web browser on my computer is slow, too. maybe we need a faster internet connection. if you expect pages to pop up instantaneously, again, you’re just silly. go buy a nice, fast laptop. that might help. for a portable device this thing BLOWS AWAY everything else i’ve seen…that is for damn sure.

sixth: the keyboard does not suck. period. use it for more than five or ten minutes before you bitch on forums. silly. did you learn to play guitar, swim, ride a bike, or play cards in less than five or ten minutes? i think not. personally, i have no problems adapting to things like this, and i’m already able to type almost as fast as i do on a regular keyboard. (tip – you NEED to trust its auto-correction ability because it WORKS.) now get over it.

i’m going to stop here because the rest of what’s posted over there doesn’t really apply to me, so i don’t feel qualified to say it’s good or bad. i will say that my razr had most of the rest of the features he mentions on there, but i never used them. they were either too hard or too time-consuming to set up. will i be looking for something like them on the iPhone? no. the responsiveness of the phone and the outrageously simple menu system make it too easy to need bells and whistles like that. bottom line: i can do anything those “quick access” features on older phones allow more quickly on the iPhone anyway. so they’re not all that useful anymore, again, imo.

this is the best phone anyone has ever made. this is the best music player anyone has ever made. this is the best portable web browser anyone has ever made. that’s why i got it. that’s why i love it.


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  1. OMG is That The IPHONE!!!!!
    LoL, that thing is amazing.

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