July 5th, 2007 - By kbx81

pop displaytime for an update. seriously…

so the iPhone is working out really well. what an amazing device…they nailed this one hardcore. it’s really great. enough said.

displays like the one on the right here make me laugh. soooooooooo generic, it’s funny. i guess i like things simple. ha

sunday night i saw sicko. what did i think? it was pretty good. as usual, michael moore is at it again…stiring up the shiznit as always. he’s pretty good at it, and this movie is no exception. if nothing else, it’ll give you a new perspective on healthcare in the USA and contrast it with that of other countries – which will blow your mind (how much we suck). i won’t go on, but i will say this: it makes me really, REALLY sad that movies like this (need to) exist. makes me think twice about living here – that’s for sure.

having wednesday off this week was nuts. tuesday night was great; i went to the city and met up with some friends and other NIOS people (that i don’t know) which was quite fun. the fireworks were cool but i still think the fireworks in disney world are cooler. the MASSIVE crowds of people was hilarious to say the least. crowds always amuse me. anyway, that was fun, and then wednesday night i hung out with john for a bit, then picked up dave and xtina from the train station in western springs, and then we went to the pleasantdale fireworks show (where we (re)met up with john) as we’ve done in years past. that was pretty cool as well, but only because we get so damn close.

work has been busy – there’s a ton to do. i apparently got laura a job working with me today. that’s pretty sweet. congrats laura. maybe we’ll go out tonight and celebrate or something. that’d be cool.

i like when people leave comments on here. more of you should do that. kthxbye. -kbx

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  1. generic product are a beautiful thing.

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