September 20th, 2007 - By kbx81

it took me two days to write this entry. damn…

so i’ve spent the last couple weeks rewiring the upper part of our house. they moved the attic fan when we had the new roof put on the house, and i volunteered to go hook that back up (cuz the old wiring wouldn’t reach), which led to me also putting in electrical boxes over the bedrooms so we could hang ceiling fans or whatever (in my room, super-cool track lighting). i’m great at turning little projects into huge projects. but i do it well, damnit. so bite me…ha

my super-secret ulterior motive in doing this was so that i could pull an extra circuit up to my room so i could have more power for the lighting equipment. and i did just that. and it has worked. i’m an uber-nerd. BUT i now have more power. damn i’m good. no more blowing that old circuit when i get everything goin’. hell yeah.

in addition, i put up a new, bigger track light. yes, i think track lighting is cool. i think it has something to do with this fascination with lights that i seem to have. anyway, it’s really great. it’s about eight feet long, and i got two-circuit track so i can put the cans on either of two circuits throughout the run of the track. since the box is in the middle, i divided each end into two circuits, so there are actually four circuits available. to top that, they’re all on X-10 remote dimmers, so i have remote control over all of them. hell yes. uber-nerd all the way. bite me. (btw, if none of this means anything to you, you can just ignore it all.)

tuesday i was super tired all day. i got home from work just before five o’clock, laid down at about five-fifteen and didn’t wake up again until about midnight. at that point i built a virtual machine with exchange installed on it for our outlook classes. that was kinda fun because i haven’t worked with that in a while. so yeah…at about one-thirty i went back to bed. what a night…heh. regardless, i feel much better now. yay

this past saturday, sally performed at the hideout. it was quite enjoyable. they played a slightly longer set as well as a new (previously unheard) song which was really great. laura made me go home after they were done playing so i missed the dance party after the show…i heard that it got quite packed and i was a bit disappointed that we left early. it’s alright though – there will be other shows soon enough.

speaking of sally, i hung out with robot (the founder of sally) monday night; we got thai food and then went to the coffee place on division (of which i can never remember how to spell the name, but it begins with an ‘l’). it was a PERFECT night to be outside chatting and walking around. damn that was sweet.

someone needs to drag me out to more shows. please. i quite enjoy that. also i hope this weekend we will end up at a club again (or something of that nature). drew’s band (robot lounge) is playing at the davenport pub saturday at eight and i’m thinking laura and i will go see them play. that should be pretty cool – hopefully it’ll work out this time!

since i’ve finished up the electrical stuff at home, i’ve gotten back to biking (which i’d temporarily put on hold). i think that’s why i may have been sooooooooo tired tuesday; i hadn’t gone in almost two weeks and i did the full fifteen miles on monday afternoon. i think that messed with me and drained me for tuesday. regardless, it feels great to be doing that again. i went again yesterday (wednesday) and hopefully i’ll go again today.

last night i tweaked more of the cues for the sally light show. chris and allison also dropped by around nine and i got to destroy their vision with the strobes (yet more victims *evil laugh*). i’m so bad…it’s great.

at work, i’ve been teaching linux+ for the last two weeks. i haven’t looked at linux in a while, so it has proven to be a good refresher for me as well. it’s kind of nice to have a “break” and just sit and talk to people about computer stuff all day. i like teaching but i like doing real admin work better. either way, work has been good and i really can’t complain. last monday (the tenth) was not a good morning and it sort of knocked the week down a notch in terms of its goodness. there were some technical issues with some virtual machines for a really important class we were running that week and it was just a bad situation. regardless, the issue was fixed by 10:30 monday morning and then things were fine. it still messed up the week though. anyway, it’s past now and i really don’t care anymore. you learn from your mistakes and move on. that’s the point of life…i think…isn’t it? whatever

as usual, there will be more to come. see ya soon… -kbx

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