November 4th, 2007 - By kbx81

i’m in a weird spot right now. in several regards. and in all cases i either don’t want to talk about it with anyone or i can’t talk about it with anyone. and there are a variety of reasons for that. what i need is time. time to sort everything out. the way i see it, none of it is a really big deal, but i won’t/can’t talk until it all settles down. it’s just…weird. everything happens when you least expect it. and not just for me.

i got these two new moving lights. they’re elation power spot 250s (for the technically inclined). they’re cooler than i thought they’d be, which makes me extremely happy. i’ll spare you the details here, but if you wanna know more, ask. either that or just come over and i’ll show you.

i spent most of this weekend programming the new lights into the stuff i have in the hog. i wanted even more time with it all; the weekend went way too fast. outside of programming, andrew and i went to berlin in the city on friday night…we stayed until about 3. andrew got drunk…and…yeah. i did what i do best, and that’s be a wallflower. i love to watch people in clubs. frankly, i think it’s generally hilarious. anyway, that was the climax of the weekend. saturday night, chris, andrew, allison, and i sat around my place. at about 12:30 we (minus allison) went to denny’s. then i stayed up until 5 doing more programming. sunday was a typical sunday (i did more programming then went to work). now i’m here chillin’ and typing this. then charlie called and we talked for a while. now i’m typing more.

i hate being in shitty situations, and i hate seeing people in shitty situations. i’m here to listen when you need me…and i’ll be here for a while. you know who you are.

that aside, if you have a mac, you need to get leopard. charlie and i went to chris’s store last weekend, waited in line, and picked it up. it’s really great. apple did yet another great thing. again, i’ll spare you the details, but if you want to know, ask. i’d be thrilled to talk about it for a good long time.

i feel happy. but my heart hurts. -kbx

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