December 10th, 2007 - By kbx81

i suck for not updating for so long.

i want to document the last sally show, so i’ll do so here. i feel at least partially qualified to do so since i provided lighting for the show and worked with the bands fairly closely that night…so why not? that said…the evening began with me meeting up with charlie at his apartment in the city around four pm. i had a little trouble contacting him when i got there because he had been taking a bath. after waiting in my car outside his apartment for a few minutes and a couple phone calls and texts later, i went up to the door and rang the bell. he buzzed me in, and i went inside. we hung out for a short time, then we went over to the rehearsal space to pick up the equipment, where we also met up with mark. we slowly and quietly packed up; missy appeared a little while later, and we started loading things into the van. after a quick trip over to the empty bottle, we got everything unloaded and i began setting up the lights. arks arrived at about the same time and got set up as well. then we went next door to bite and had some food. they’re a bit slow to get food out, so we had plenty of time to sit and chat about past experiences and such. it was a nice time…a lot of memories were discussed. after a while, more of our friends arrived and joined us in the restaurant. after eating, we went back over to the bottle and listened to the first band, paper mice. it seemed like they just came and went…fun to listen to, short songs, good stuff. after that, it was sally’s turn. they played a great acoustic set, which included some of their (very) old stuff from the self-titled album. it wasn’t the same without a drummer, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. the very best part was their last song, raquetball. i will never forget this number. i, myself, had prepared pretty extensively for it, and it was everything i could have hoped for. it started quiet and slow, and built up slowly…then exploded with the sound that only sally can create…at least for me. i was able to do some spectacular things with the lights, and it matched the music perfectly all the way through. it was probably the most intense thing i’ve felt in a while…and it was damn amazing to say the least. i could go on and on and on…but there are only words here…and they can’t put together what we saw that night. but i will remember it forever. after sally finished, arks played, and they were quite enjoyable as well. i had just finished programming a light show for them, and that went exceptionally well also. overall, it was an amazing night for me. after the show, i got a lot of compliments on the lighting, which felt great. apparently the owner of the bottle was interested in what i did, as well as the guy who owns the label that arks is on (Julius – and it turns out i’ll be working with him in the future now too). anyway, we hung out at the bottle for a couple hours, mingled, and then went to the pick me up cafe. we sat there for quite a while, relaxed, and talked more. if you’ve never been there before, all you need to know is that it’s a great place to just chill. and with that…the night concluded. i’ll say in closing that it was one of the finest evenings i’ve had to just hang out with friends and enjoy great music in a very long time.

i think the most exciting part of the show that night was that i caught the attention of several people. i think that this will turn into a good thing…and hopefully sooner than later.

thanksgiving came and went. about the only thing i remember is that we had family over and there was turkey. lame i know, but that’s how it goes…

post-thanksgiving time has just flown by. work has been excessively busy, much to my disliking. last week especially was very hectic. thursday night i did another light show for arks at the darkroom, which went very well. friday night robot and i filmed a music video for a new track he’s working on (for his upcoming album). saturday was the battle of the bands thing at hinsdale south…which i was sucked into by mike kellner and mike ross (it turned out to be fun). sunday was our company party. i am left feeling completely out-of-it and now i’m going to cut this short and go. all i can say is i am REALLY looking forward to the holiday break/week off of work.


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