January 23rd, 2008 - By kbx81

i both love and hate nearly everything i do. there is no in-between.

it applies to many things on many different levels, and detail isn’t necessary here. i’m just tired of it. when things are gray, i want them black-and-white. when things are black-and-white, i want them gray. i am literally insane.

i do apologize for the lack of posts lately; i guess i’ve just been too busy and haven’t felt like writing anything. tonight i do, however, so here i am.

i’ve spent the last couple weeks planning and deploying entirely new infrastructure for work. the planning part seemed easy, and deploying it was pretty easy. i had planned it all well. the part that sucks is all of the little tweaks you have to keep doing to everything once you get the stuff up and working in the real world. you can do as much planning and testing as you want, but the real world is very different than a lab…in most cases. somehow i’ve managed to stay super calm at work this week despite being literally constantly hammered with requests for changes and adjustments…in addition to continuing to perform my regular responsibilities. it has been an extremely long week that’s gone by super fast. i just don’t know how else to describe it.

that aside, i’ve been up to very little. i got the new strobe lights i’d ordered a couple weeks ago and the ebay auction for the dataflashes is about to end. i now have bigger strobe lights that have the ability to change colors. w00t.

i did a show this past saturday night at the empty bottle and got lots of complements afterwards. apparently i’m really good at this lighting thing i do. i think that’s pretty exciting. maybe eventually i’ll get to move on to bigger, better things …who knows. anything can happen.

tonight i feel like i’m in the rut again. it really sucks. it’s probably not because i’m just tired, either. i’m just acting all silly like again. eh i’ll get over it i s’pose. i always do…and then i realize i’m right back where i started again. it’s oh-so-fun. can you taste the sarcasm yet?

i can’t bitch anymore so i’m going to go and fix this exchange server so we can sync mobile devices to it properly. oh so fun. at least it’s not a friday or saturday night.

i’m out. -kbx

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