March 31st, 2009 - By kbx81

this is my first post for the year two thousand nine. a bit delayed, i guess.

there’s a lot that’s been going on, so i’ll dive right in. first, i got a new car in january. it’s a black 2009 vw jetta sportwagen tdi. it’s hotttttttt. and i got plates that say “kbx81” for it as well, which clearly means i rule. anyway the car is amazing. it gets excellent mileage, and it’s fast. i really like driving it. it’s got all the bells and whistles, including a massive sunroof. want to go for a ride?  xD

i’m doing light shows pretty regularly at darkroom. it’s a lot of fun. arunas (the manager) contacted me about a month ago and i’ve been doing shows there weekly. it’s a lot of fun; i get to hear a lot of new music/bands and of course i enjoy doing that lighting stuff. the people there are super nice too, which makes it that much more fun. also, charlie has a show coming up on april sixteenth. it will be at darkroom, and i’ll of course be there lighting the way. it is going to be wicked fun, and if you’re reading this, you need to be there. seriously.

work is going smoothly also, although i’d like to move to the city soon. i really don’t mind living at home (strange as that may sound) but it’s time to get out. um, actually, it’s past that time, haha. yeah…

so speaking of home, i just wired up the whole house with this insteon stuff. it’s really amazing. it’s sorta like an advanced version of X-10. “remote controls” on all the lights is probably the easiest way to explain it. for one, i can turn on or off any light in the house with my iPhone – there’s this little box that has a web server on it and it serves up iPhone-optimized pages so it plays really well with that (although you can of course use any browser to access it). it may sound a bit silly but seriously, if you see it in action, it’ll blow your mind, haha. a bit of an expensive project but it’s pretty worth it imho. so yes, another project well executed over here. maybe i have too much time on my hands…idk.

i seem to continue to dwell in this computer stuff. i guess i enjoy it a lot so i think i’ll keep doing it. i need to order the last eight gigs of memory for my mac pro; then i’ll have an eight-core box with 3.2 GHz xeon processors and 32 gigs of memory. i think that’ll suffice for my needs for quite a while, ya? if you don’t know what that means…don’t worry. just know that i’ll be taking over the world shortly…which may or may not be a good thing…


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  1. D00D. I have mac pro envy. Dual quad Xeon’s for the win!

    You are not getting the other one i borrowed back – FYI. chalk it up as a “MIA” machine

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