October 9th, 2010 - By kbx81

i’m still alive. it would be very sad if i didn’t do a single post in 2010.

truth be told, i’ve been very busy – and i don’t make time to write things here. i know it would make things more interesting in terms of this site, but…well, with twitter, facebook, and all the other similar sites out there, i guess i don’t take my personal blog very seriously. i really apologize; frankly, i was surprised at how many of you were watching for updates here when i actually WAS updating it more regularly. perhaps some day i’ll get back to it. we’ll see…

so i just spent the last eight hours or so moving things off of my old server to this new *ahem* virtual one. the new server is a virtual machine running on my mac pro. it’s now handling my public dns, mail, and web services. i’ll be shutting the old one down permanently within the next few days.

when i moved the site, i also updated wordpress. i had to fix a few things as a few things changed with the transition to the new server. if you notice any broken links or other things that aren’t working, please let me know so i can fix it. i’d sure appreciate it. <3

if you had a site on the old server, it is now gone forever from the public internet, unless you asked me to migrate it. i should still have the files and such for a while, so if you want me to bring it back online, please let me know and i should be able to make that happen.

that said, i’ve been very busy lately. i have a new job and have been doing lighting at darkroom and double door very regularly. this is the first weekend i haven’t worked at all in a long time (which is why i finally moved to the new server). i am living and working in the city full-time now, and it really rocks. i’m happy here, and things have been going pretty well; i hope they continue to.

in any event, i’ll keep it short, because i still have a few more things to finish up here. thanks for reading, and i love you all.


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  1. Kieth, nice new web site comments were closed there so left here. Glad to see u have recovered from theft. Take care all the best Gary

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