June 4th, 2007 - By kbx81

do i work too much? yesterday i was at work from five until just after midnight. this week is quite busy so there was a lot to do, but it basically took my whole day. on a sunday. i try not to put too much overtime in; i love what i do so it’s easy to just keep going and going and lose track of the time. since i’m aware of it, i try not to let it happen, but it still worries me a bit. i don’t mind putting in extra time, but i also need personal time and space. it’s just hard to balance sometimes, ya know? i dunno…whatever. i’m teaching again this week so it will probably go fast – i can’t wait to get my new light console. i’m staying late tonight to work on wiring these two new classrooms as well. yay more overtime! overtime = comp time. not a bad deal imho.

it’s raining and since i’m staying late i definitely won’t be biking today. bummer

on the intellabeam front, i’ve picked through and cleaned up the mess that the disassembler created. so the code looks nice now. and it compiles – which is a very good thing. a step in the right direction, anyway… now i’ve just got to go through and actually understand it, which is already beginning to happen. the stuff i found on the interwebz is also helping so that’s pretty great, too. progress…

at the time i’m writing this, chris is “currently showering. Which means [he is] most likely currently naked.” thank you chris for this valuable bit of information.

stay tuned… -kbx

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