What’s up?

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I am kbx, also known as Keith or kb. I reside in Chicago, Illinois.

I love nearly all things technology-related.

By day I am a Cloud Engineer at Cisco. My formal education, background and career focus has been largely on network infrastructure and I enjoy this a lot.

After-hours I dabble in programming (mainly C/C++ for embedded applications), digital electronics, 3-D printing, and home automation. I used to do professional lighting, primarily at Double Door, a venue here in Chicago, before it shut down in early 2017.

While I enjoyed the time I spent at Double Door immensely, its closure left a gap that I have since filled with a rekindled interested in DIY electronics. I have since designed and built a few nifty devices, such as a binary clock, a nixie clock, an IR MegaBlaster and also a few not-yet-published-but-useful electronic trinkets.

Boldport Club is largely responsible for reigniting my interest in electronics. Since joining, I’ve received and built nearly all of the kits. A few of the other club members piqued my interest in 3-D printing which led me to purchase a 3-D printer in early 2018, adding another hobby to the list.

Home automation is another area of personal interest. Home Assistant is the “brain” of my setup and I primarily use the Insteon platform for control of most electrical things. While Insteon covers most of the bases, I also use ZigBee and ESPHome to fill some gaps. My Home Assistant instance is enabled as a HomeKit bridge so that I may also use it with my Apple devices.

When I’m not at work, designing, building, or 3-D printing something, I’m probably watching something on one of the many wonderful streaming platforms we have available today. I have a friendly, cuddly pet lovebird who I love dearly and who makes me smile every single day. Nice weather sometimes motivates me to go outside.