sally cloudso another weekend has passed and i’m as frustrated as ever. if you know me, you already know why. if you don’t know me, don’t freaking worry about it. i don’t like going out by myself but if i want things to move along it looks like i’m going to have to. i’m thankful to those who have already helped me in various ways (you know who you are) but i need more. the way i see it, i need to take more, bigger risks…i just hope those risks don’t cost me too much in the long run. if things work out right, it’ll probably be worth it i guess.

by now most of you know that my vacation was good although hanging with the parental units all week was less than thrilling. i saw emily (brennan’s ex) and we went out for pizza and ice cream which broke up the week and was actually pretty great. the pools and water slides around the hotel were fun, we did some shopping, but other than that it was quite uneventful. the best part was not having to think about work for pretty much the whole week (even though i did…it’s nice not to be under any pressure for a few days).

this entry’s title is from some track in an Erik K mix that matt gave me (thanks matt!). music-wise i’ve been listening to a very large variety of stuff lately because i’ve been working on programming some serious shit into this killer lighting board i have. *big grin* so far it’s turned out pretty sweet. speaking of lighting, you should check out the awesome sally gobo i had made. i got four of them and put them into my trackspots. now there is a little cloud and lightning bolt flying around when i fire that stuff up. as joey put it, it’s “freaking hot,” and i totally agree. i’m pretty sure everyone else that has seen it so far agrees as well. they turned out better than i expected, really. anyway, you get the idea. i’ll post more pics on my flickr site when i get a chance, and if you come to their next show (i think) you’ll be able to see it in real life.

i think people have started to think that i’m becoming a “club kid.” i guess, in a sense, i sort of am. the catch is, i only want to go because i feel like it’s the only real chance i have at meeting someone. sitting around at someone’s house with friends or going to a movie or restaurant is great, but i’m never going to meet anyone new there. i don’t really see clubs as my scene, but there are random people there. people generally annoy me, but i only when i have to interact with them. at a club, i can just watch everyone, and frankly, that’s fun for me. not to mention that i like loud, blasting music and crazy lights. from time to time i’ve thought about opening my own club (god knows i have the lighting equipment to do it) but i don’t really have the time, money, or energy to invest in it. anyway, that’s what’s up with that. i guess, oveall, i’d prefer to meet someone via the internet (myspace, facebook, whatever) but i really doubt that’ll happen since the only people out there that seem to have any interest in me at all are my real-life friends. (one day i got bored and went and friended like fifty people and i could count on one hand those that accepted.) i realize it’s totally stupid to worry about shit like that, but it still bothers me.

anyway, right now, i’m thinking about two things that are really depressing me: one, that i’m going to have to go spend a lot of time at work tomorrow (well, technically today) setting up classrooms and two, well…by now you know what number two is. i look forward to the day when i can come home from work to more than just a pile of metal, plastic, glass, and silicon.


so vacationing in arizona has proven to be pretty sweet. i don’t like being away from home, but it’s helped me to clear my mind over the last couple days. don’t ask me about anything right now because i won’t remember and i don’t feel like trying to remember. iPhone has been quite helpful with maps out here, although the data connection (EDGE) seems slower. whatevs. it might sound kind of odd, but i’m kinda looking forward to getting home. i miss everybody already. hanging with the ‘rents is LAME. we’re home every night at about 9:30 and that SUCKS. tomorrow night i’m meeting up with emily (brennan’s ex) and we’re gonna go eat or something, so that should be pretty great. i s’pose that before i know it the week will be over and…yeh. oh well…i’ll see you all when i get home.

so i walk outside this morning and what’s playing? “I will follow you into the dark.” what a great, great song. they have a PA system that plays music around the pools all day long. it’s generally lame relaxing music which kinda sucks so i thought it was kinda unusual to hear that out there. then i figured that, well, it’s a love song, so then it kinda made sense. heh. what have i been doing out here you ask? so far, NOTHING. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA…yeh sitting pool-side, chillin’ in the nice weather, eating good food. ok so now you’re jealous. ok maybe not. whatever. it’s been nice. btw, if you want to get a hold of me while i’m here, that’s cool, but remember we’re two (2) hours behind chicago time. so as i’m typing this here it’s 11:30 but it’s really 1:30 at home. just a lil’ fyi dealie.

ok, so that’s my lil’ update so far. more to come… -kbx

it took me two days to write this entry. damn…

so i’ve spent the last couple weeks rewiring the upper part of our house. they moved the attic fan when we had the new roof put on the house, and i volunteered to go hook that back up (cuz the old wiring wouldn’t reach), which led to me also putting in electrical boxes over the bedrooms so we could hang ceiling fans or whatever (in my room, super-cool track lighting). i’m great at turning little projects into huge projects. but i do it well, damnit. so bite me…ha

my super-secret ulterior motive in doing this was so that i could pull an extra circuit up to my room so i could have more power for the lighting equipment. and i did just that. and it has worked. i’m an uber-nerd. BUT i now have more power. damn i’m good. no more blowing that old circuit when i get everything goin’. hell yeah.

in addition, i put up a new, bigger track light. yes, i think track lighting is cool. i think it has something to do with this fascination with lights that i seem to have. anyway, it’s really great. it’s about eight feet long, and i got two-circuit track so i can put the cans on either of two circuits throughout the run of the track. since the box is in the middle, i divided each end into two circuits, so there are actually four circuits available. to top that, they’re all on X-10 remote dimmers, so i have remote control over all of them. hell yes. uber-nerd all the way. bite me. (btw, if none of this means anything to you, you can just ignore it all.)

tuesday i was super tired all day. i got home from work just before five o’clock, laid down at about five-fifteen and didn’t wake up again until about midnight. at that point i built a virtual machine with exchange installed on it for our outlook classes. that was kinda fun because i haven’t worked with that in a while. so yeah…at about one-thirty i went back to bed. what a night…heh. regardless, i feel much better now. yay

this past saturday, sally performed at the hideout. it was quite enjoyable. they played a slightly longer set as well as a new (previously unheard) song which was really great. laura made me go home after they were done playing so i missed the dance party after the show…i heard that it got quite packed and i was a bit disappointed that we left early. it’s alright though – there will be other shows soon enough.

speaking of sally, i hung out with robot (the founder of sally) monday night; we got thai food and then went to the coffee place on division (of which i can never remember how to spell the name, but it begins with an ‘l’). it was a PERFECT night to be outside chatting and walking around. damn that was sweet.

someone needs to drag me out to more shows. please. i quite enjoy that. also i hope this weekend we will end up at a club again (or something of that nature). drew’s band (robot lounge) is playing at the davenport pub saturday at eight and i’m thinking laura and i will go see them play. that should be pretty cool – hopefully it’ll work out this time!

since i’ve finished up the electrical stuff at home, i’ve gotten back to biking (which i’d temporarily put on hold). i think that’s why i may have been sooooooooo tired tuesday; i hadn’t gone in almost two weeks and i did the full fifteen miles on monday afternoon. i think that messed with me and drained me for tuesday. regardless, it feels great to be doing that again. i went again yesterday (wednesday) and hopefully i’ll go again today.

last night i tweaked more of the cues for the sally light show. chris and allison also dropped by around nine and i got to destroy their vision with the strobes (yet more victims *evil laugh*). i’m so bad…it’s great.

at work, i’ve been teaching linux+ for the last two weeks. i haven’t looked at linux in a while, so it has proven to be a good refresher for me as well. it’s kind of nice to have a “break” and just sit and talk to people about computer stuff all day. i like teaching but i like doing real admin work better. either way, work has been good and i really can’t complain. last monday (the tenth) was not a good morning and it sort of knocked the week down a notch in terms of its goodness. there were some technical issues with some virtual machines for a really important class we were running that week and it was just a bad situation. regardless, the issue was fixed by 10:30 monday morning and then things were fine. it still messed up the week though. anyway, it’s past now and i really don’t care anymore. you learn from your mistakes and move on. that’s the point of life…i think…isn’t it? whatever

as usual, there will be more to come. see ya soon… -kbx

there must be too much going on in my life. i want to update this more than once a week and i can’t seem to keep up with it. omg wtf

anyway, despite that i’ve been so busy, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of change to talk about. so instead i guess i’ll blab about what i’ve been doing.

the weekend of the 17th – 19th, my parents were away, so i spent a lot of time blasting music at home and programming more light effects into the hog. what an amazing piece of equipment that little thing is. the more i use it, the more tricks i work out and the more i love it. i could go on but i’ll spare you the details. if you want to know more, come to a show where i’m doing lights (or talk to me and i’ll do a show for you) and then i can better explain it all. it’s just really great. ’nuff said.

the weeks fly by. i don’t like that, but it means the weekends get here more quickly which is good. work has been busy – i’ve had a lot to do. we just got more new computers which means i have more to set up and more drivers to dump into our images. more computers (semi-ironically) makes my life easier, mainly because i don’t have to physically move them around.

the last couple weekends have been kinda uneventful; this past weekend i went to a club with andrew and indira friday night (which was a blast) and on saturday we had a family barbecue for my grandma’s 85th birthday. easy weekend. i can’t complain.

lately i’ve been feeling reeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally creative with this lighting stuff. it’s something i really enjoy…and probably too much for my own good right now. but it’s good and i like it a lot. i feel like i should explain more but it’s probably not necessary.

mike is in china. until christmas. that’s weird. still. whatevs. mike, if you can see this, you should leave a comment. from china. yeah.

it appears i’m going to be getting a couple moving head fixtures soon. i’ll post more about that when the time comes. in the mean time, you should ask me to do lights for your band.

so far this week at work has been less than productive. i’ve gotten almost nothing done. or at least it feels that way. again, omg wtf

i guess that’s all for now. keep it real yo. -kbx

it’s been a few days and so it’s time to update.  here’s what’s up:

i’ve completed repairs on both of the dataflash strobe lights. one had a bad power transformer and the other had a problem with some arcing through the circuit board. both were very easy fixes and they’re working great now. all i need at this point is a couple new strobe lamps for them. woot!

i spent most of this weekend hanging out with bren, charlie, and joey. it was really great. friday night we got thai food and then went to hang out at charlie’s place where we previewed some new music he’s working on (which i liked a lot). saturday we all met up again and biked down the lake shore trail. it was amazing, so i’ll tell you all about it right now. our journey started at bren’s apartment on the loyola campus. we rode down to fullerton where we met up with charlie and continued down the path. there were a lot of people to navigate around (which was fun); the paths are smoother than waterfall glen which was nice. we worked our way down the path and, about a half-mile south of mcKormick place, my rear tire exploded and went flat. this completely sucked in every way. first, we were about as far away from our starting point as possible. second, this happened right about seven o’clock–on a saturday–so everything was closed in the loop. this meant that, despite having tools to change the tire–we had no spare to put on, and further, no way to get a spare. so we ended walking back into the loop where we got on the red line and took that back up to loyola. bren had just changed the tires on his bike so he gave me one of his old inner tubes so that i was able to fix mine. as soon as i was done, we biked back down to the pick me up cafe, where all of us except bren had grilled cheese sandwiches (bren had french toast). the food was quite fulfilling. after that, charlie parted and joey, bren, and i started back up to loyola. about a third of the way there (at this point it was about 12:30) joey’s rear tire went flat. despite being quite aggravated, we laughed a little and decided i should just go back to loyola and get my car, then head back and pick up joey…which is what was done. joey and i rode home, and after dropping him off, i stopped by john’s. john was having a little trouble getting his new m-audio interface to work, so i helped him with that and then we went to visit our good old friend denny. i ate about a third of a sampler (standard protocol). john had a chocolate shake. i took him home, and now i am writing this and feeling quite satisfied with the day. i hope we can do something similar next weekend, however i would really like to go to a club on friday. we’ll see what happens. there is a sally show on thursday at the subterranian and it’s 18+. that means all you little kiddies can come – and you should because it’s going to be really, really great. trust me – i’ve got the info.
stay tuned… -kbx

going upso i’ve been super busy and neglecting the blog again. my apologies. work has been nuts. i spent last week creating infrastructure (pulling cable) in our new chicago office. not hard, just time consuming – and keeps me away from my computer. this week is more back to normal. in fact, i’m supposed to be teaching an HTML class tomorrow. that should be fun – a bit of a change at least, i guess.

speaking of work, i encountered a strange elevator control in our building. i took a picture. see? i guess i’m going up.

the weeks have been flying by. it’s sort of crazy outta control. i don’t know how i feel about that because it feels like my life is going nowhere…even though i guess it sort of is. hmm

damn, my computer needs to do madd typo correction like the iPhone does. this is pissing me off.

the strobe lights i got don’t work. at all. pretty much. so i’m fixing them. kudos to high end for putting all their schematics online. that helps A LOT. they’re simpler than the intellabeams but playing with stuff that uses 600+ volts to do stuff… *cringes*

in addition, (and i’ve been meaning to post this here for a while) i would also like to announce that i am an official, licensed, d-bag. that’s why my license plate begins with “DB”. yeah. that’s right. thanks drew. suckaz

anyway, i suppose i won’t take up any more of your time. i just thought i should write something. i don’t really feel like i have much to go on about…or complain about either…just that time is passing wayyyyyy too quickly…


I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been really busy. It’s not a bad thing (being busy) but it takes time away from updating things like this…as well as keeping up on what’s going on in the world…as well as friends and other social things.

The last two weeks or so have been pretty crazy at work. Last week in particular was not very great by any means. The week kinda finished with a bang though for reasons I won’t go into here (it’s not important, and if you really want to know, ask me).

DataFlash AF-1000I’m really silly for eBaying strobe lights. I bought a couple DataFlash AF-1000s. They’re these way powerful strobe lights made by High End, the same company that made the other lights I have. They’re really great and they don’t make them any more. Seeing them in action (again) at Blue Man Group on Saturday was sorta what pushed me over the edge; I’d been considering picking a couple up for a while and I finally did. They’re going to be pretty great. Anyway I’ll stop here; maybe I’ll put more about them up later once I actually have them.

So as you just read, I saw Blue Man Group for the third time with Eric, Laura, and their friend Evette (I probably spelled that all wrong, sorry). I felt like the show had changed quite a bit since the last time I’d seen it. There was still a lot of the original stuff as well. Overall it was quite fun and I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you Eric for the tickets.

I need to get my hair cut again. It’s getting annoyingly long. I want to do something more extreme this time but I dunno. We’ll see.

Charlie has a show Friday which I’ll be attending…He told me today that I will not be doing lights for it. …Which is not a bad thing at this point; it makes my life easier towards the end of the week which frankly at this point is a really good thing. I am, however, disappointed because I do really enjoy doing that stuff…but there will be other shows soon. woot

Speaking of shows and lights, if anyone who’s reading this has a band and wants a really sweet (computerized) light show, please let me know. I do this in and around Chicago and I’d be happy to set you up with something if you’re nice. Just leave a comment or something and we’ll go from there.

Saturday is Mike’s going-away party and prior to that I’ll be stopping by the new Apple store in Orland Square mall to visit Chris and (hopefully) pick up some free stuff. I think it’s going to work out to be a fun weekend. We shall see…

Comment it up. -kbx

pop displaytime for an update. seriously…

so the iPhone is working out really well. what an amazing device…they nailed this one hardcore. it’s really great. enough said.

displays like the one on the right here make me laugh. soooooooooo generic, it’s funny. i guess i like things simple. ha

sunday night i saw sicko. what did i think? it was pretty good. as usual, michael moore is at it again…stiring up the shiznit as always. he’s pretty good at it, and this movie is no exception. if nothing else, it’ll give you a new perspective on healthcare in the USA and contrast it with that of other countries – which will blow your mind (how much we suck). i won’t go on, but i will say this: it makes me really, REALLY sad that movies like this (need to) exist. makes me think twice about living here – that’s for sure.

having wednesday off this week was nuts. tuesday night was great; i went to the city and met up with some friends and other NIOS people (that i don’t know) which was quite fun. the fireworks were cool but i still think the fireworks in disney world are cooler. the MASSIVE crowds of people was hilarious to say the least. crowds always amuse me. anyway, that was fun, and then wednesday night i hung out with john for a bit, then picked up dave and xtina from the train station in western springs, and then we went to the pleasantdale fireworks show (where we (re)met up with john) as we’ve done in years past. that was pretty cool as well, but only because we get so damn close.

work has been busy – there’s a ton to do. i apparently got laura a job working with me today. that’s pretty sweet. congrats laura. maybe we’ll go out tonight and celebrate or something. that’d be cool.

i like when people leave comments on here. more of you should do that. kthxbye. -kbx

so, i have one. it does exactly what i expected. i feel like writing a brief review here, so i will.

first of all, let me say it’s the most delightful communication device you could think of holding in the palm your hand. it’s thinner than a razr, wayyyyyyyyyy smaller than a sidekick, and not bulky like a sidekick or blackberry. in a nutshell: i like it. it feels solid. second, getting it working is a snap. they made activation easier than you could imagine – you just connect it (usb), fill out a tiny form in iTunes, and you’re good to go. the salesman at [insert name of cellular outlet store here] was harder to work with than this thing is.

software-wise, it’s slick. it is by far the most responsive, most beautiful operating system they could have put on a phone/iPod/broswer-thingy. every screen and menu transition is somehow animated. the display is VERY bright. you can see it clearly even in direct sunlight. typing on it is easier than most people are saying, imo.

articles like this piss me off. as i expected, bluetooth is the first thing bitched about. let’s talk about that for a minute. first of all, did you buy this thing because it has bluetooth and because you thought you’d be able to–let me guess–wirelessly sync your iTunes library via bluetooth? maybe you should do some research and learn a little about the technology before you buy something with the misconception that it’ll do something you made up in your head. apple never said it would do this and, if you read the wikipedia article i linked about bluetooth, you’d quickly realize that YOU DON’T WANT IT TO. as far as i’m concerned, bluetooth is useless EXCEPT for wireless headsets, printers, keyboards, and mice. and PLEASE tell me you didn’t want to use a keyboard, mouse, or printer with your iPhone (you nut)… and if you STILL don’t get it (because you’re not technically inclined – which is ok – but then you shouldn’t be posting hate on forums) i’ll sum it up for you right here: IT’S TOO SLOW. compare the data rates (aka “speeds”) of bluetooth and usb and you’ll see why they didn’t implement this. enough said. (sorry to rant – i’m really tired of reading about this.)

second: if you wanted something that would let you organize all your files and other media, you should probably have considered a laptop. in the same manner that i would not buy an iPod to organize my music, you should not get an iPhone hoping to organize all your media. it’s a PLAYER, not an organizer (think PDA). i could be sorely mistaken here, but they never intended this thing as anything more than a viewer for media. it’s not a pocket organizer. period.

third: if you wanted a high-quality, feature-rich camera, go buy a nice digital camera for $500+. you get what you pay for. again, if you bought this BECAUSE of the camera…you’re just silly.

fourth: you want to remove the SIM card? why?? who cares? how often do you really do this? is it nice to be able to do? maybe… truly necessary for my day-to-day use of the phone? again, i think not.

fifth: the web browser on my computer is slow, too. maybe we need a faster internet connection. if you expect pages to pop up instantaneously, again, you’re just silly. go buy a nice, fast laptop. that might help. for a portable device this thing BLOWS AWAY everything else i’ve seen…that is for damn sure.

sixth: the keyboard does not suck. period. use it for more than five or ten minutes before you bitch on forums. silly. did you learn to play guitar, swim, ride a bike, or play cards in less than five or ten minutes? i think not. personally, i have no problems adapting to things like this, and i’m already able to type almost as fast as i do on a regular keyboard. (tip – you NEED to trust its auto-correction ability because it WORKS.) now get over it.

i’m going to stop here because the rest of what’s posted over there doesn’t really apply to me, so i don’t feel qualified to say it’s good or bad. i will say that my razr had most of the rest of the features he mentions on there, but i never used them. they were either too hard or too time-consuming to set up. will i be looking for something like them on the iPhone? no. the responsiveness of the phone and the outrageously simple menu system make it too easy to need bells and whistles like that. bottom line: i can do anything those “quick access” features on older phones allow more quickly on the iPhone anyway. so they’re not all that useful anymore, again, imo.

this is the best phone anyone has ever made. this is the best music player anyone has ever made. this is the best portable web browser anyone has ever made. that’s why i got it. that’s why i love it.


i would like to formally announce (and some of you may already know) that i will be getting an iPhone on friday evening. the plan is to meet with robot at the apple store in oak brook some time between about 11:30 and 1. (i have taken the afternoon off work for this.) if a line is not forming at that point we may wander around the mall for a bit. please feel free to meet up with us at any time if you wish. we intend to wait as long as necessary that afternoon until we acquire the devices. yes, we are both getting one. i happen to have three hundred dollars worth of gift cards which will conveniently cover half of the cost of an eight gigabyte iPhone. while i don’t think we’ve settled on this part just yet, we are seriously considering bringing our macbooks and sitting outside the store to activate them immediately after we get them (they have wi-fi at the store). i think this would be really great. afterwards, it sounds like we will be meeting up with joey and possibly others to hang out and do whatever (and most likely playing with the iPhones). if you would like to join, please call me that evening. i would love to (at that point) get a few calls. *wink*

john just called. he wants to go to denny’s. if you read this and can get there by just after eleven tonight, you should meet us there.

in other news, i am completely confident that i have the coolest small-scale intelligent lighting setup EVER. also, i think this is cool.

please note that when i do not use proper capitalization, punctuation, or grammar, it is because i am choosing to, not because i am an idiot. i am intimately familiar with those aspects of the english language and choose not to use them for effect – and i do so intentionally. just thought i’d make sure you were aware. thank you very much.

this week has been great so far. robot and i went to omega on monday night, and last night we went to thai village. after that we met up with mark a the coffee place down the block (the name always evades me – it’s something with an “L”), where we talked about various music and tech stuff, including (of course, you guessed it) the iPhone. it was a great night to sit outside and chill – which is exactly what we did. i could use more nights like that.

the rest of this week should be a breeze. the weekend will be here slitting my throat and i won’t even realize it. things go too quickly.

i hope i see you soon. -kbx